Growing together.

  1. Biblical Truth:
We believe that The Bible is the ultimate truth for how we should live our lives, interacting with God and those around us. We want to equip our students with a deeper understanding of God's truths by looking at them from a contextual and logical point of view, discussing the applications and implications so they feel prepared to stand firm when they see their beliefs being tested against the ideals of the world.
  1. Build Relationships:
We want our students to have a place where they belong and where they can feel a sense of fellowship as the get to know and grow alongside one another. Our leaders strive to show each student God's love by making them feel welcome and accepted. Most importantly, we want our students to grow to have a genuine relationship with Christ.
  1. Foster a Sense of Purpose and Significance:
Most teens are searching for their place in this world. Our goal is to help them find significance through realizing that they were uniquely created by God for a purpose that will bring glory to Him. We believe that when students have a personal relationship with God and find that their significance comes from Him they will grow to genuinely love Him and strive to live lives that honor Him.
  1. Make Disciples:
We encourage students to be the hands and feet of Christ, showing God's love by serving others through mission and discipleship opportunities.

Sunday Evenings from 5:30-7:30

Time of Worship, the Word, games, free pizza and drinks. 6th Grade - 12th Grade

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