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Steve Vaughn

Lead Pastor

Steve Vaughn had a very difficult start in life. After several years of abuse and neglect, when he was eight years old, God’s beautiful and compensating hand of provision lead to him being adopted by Pastor Bob Vaughn in Pasadena, Texas.  At this time he was introduced to God’s love and experienced an encounter with God that would ruin him for the world. Although he would spend many of his adult years in rebellion, he could not deny the overwhelming truth of an amazing God that touched him at such a young age. On November 3rd 1997, amidst a failed marriage, Steve encountered the visitation of God in such a way that he could not excuse his rebellion anymore. That day was the day he fully surrendered to God, and by God’s grace continues to experience a lasting, sustaining walk with Jesus Christ.

In 2001, God continued to shower Steve with grace by bringing Michelle into his life. Her support of him, as well as a continued recognition of her own call to serve the church, has been an amazing demonstration of God’s reconciling ministry. Together they have eight children, and an ever-blooming list of grandchildren.

Steve spent 25+ years in the petrochemical industry while balancing much of that time with ministry related service. He served the body of Christ, by preaching and teaching the Word of God in several churches as well as spending 20+ years in prison ministry. In 2013, with the help of other like-minded believers, Steve and his family started meeting with friends weekly in Alvin at the La Quinta Inn to worship and teach God’s Word. After a short time, the fellowship started meeting at a small building in downtown Alvin under the fellowship name of Alvin Community Outreach. After a couple more years, Alvin Community Outreach moved to a shopping strip in downtown Alvin. In early 2017, after much prayer and leading of the Lord, the fellowship purchased property at 831 FM 2917 south of Alvin and began a new journey as Chocolate Bayou Worship Center.

Michelle Vaughn

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